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Sure Grip Controls was incorporated in 1996 to manufacture industrial control grips for the heavy equipment industry. The company started by supplying control grips to several major equipment manufacturers in the Canadian forest industry. Sales soon expanded to include Europe, the United States and New Zealand. We now supply mobile heavy equipment manufacturers around the world.

Sure Grip Controls Inc. received ISO-9001 accreditation in 2005 and has continued to expand their product line with the development of a variety of industrial grips, joysticks, and proportional control products.

Sure Grip has twice received recognition as one of Canada top 200 fastest growing companies by Profit magazine. Our goal is to ensure we are leading the industry in innovation and creating new opportunities for our customers.

Staff & Facilities

In November 1999, Sure Grip Controls Inc. moved into a 4,500 square foot office and manufacturing facility. In 2003 Sure Grip added an additional 4000 square feet of manufacturing space in order to meet increased demand for the control grips and joysticks.

In 2012 Sure Grip again needed to expand so we purchased a 14,000 sq ft building on Vancouver Island that was extensively renovated into an efficient office and production complex. In the summer of 2013 the Kamloops factory was finally phased out and all sales and production was moved into the new larger facility. As of the summer of 2014 Sure Grip has 32 employees and produces 25,000 - 30,000 joysticks and control grips per year.


Our production processes utilize lean manufacturing techniques such as flow line assembly, kanban, cross training, WIP management, FIFO, visual instructions, short interval management and more.  We have a strong continuous improvement culture and are always looking for ways to be more efficient in our processes.  In-house production capabilities include standard handle assembly and test line, joystick assembly line, custom handle/joystick assembly line and various subassembly lines.  All lines utilize computerized testing and packaging stations with full process traceability and appropriate quality checks. All of our control handles, joysticks, proportional modules and wiring harnesses are designed, assembled and tested in house.  Production machining, injection molding, surface mounted circuit board fabrication and faceplate overlay printing are contracted out to qualified suppliers.

Customized jigs and tools are used for efficient and uniform manufacturing. We have structured and documented procedures for assembly and testing to ensure consistent, high quality. All Sure Grip products are tested for proper electrical and mechanical operation in the factory before shipment.

Component inventory is carefully managed with inventory management software to ensure that production demands can always be met. Our inventory, purchasing and sales systems are fully integrated.

Customization & Innovation

Our Research and Design staff have extensive backgrounds in broad areas of mechanical and electrical engineering. This technical capability is coupled with our experience in industrial product development, marketing, and manufacturing to create an effective team for producing quality products. This group's abilities are not only directed toward the development of new products, but also to the adaptation of our existing products to a customer's specific needs.

The most common application of the technical staff's creativity is in the customization of current products to meet a customer's specifications for handle functions, switch configurations, wiring harness specifications, labeling and brand identification. We are able to accommodate original equipment manufacturers with customized handles,switches, LED's, wiring and faceplate overlay graphics in most situations. The majority of handles sold to original equipment manufacturers are customized. Our injection molded component designs are done in-house using 3D Solid Works modeling. We contract out for production of stereo lithography prototypes prior to the manufacture of injection molds.

We do all our electronic circuit design, programming and development in-house. Our engineering staff has extensive experience in process control systems, instrumentation, micro-controller applications, programming, analog and digital electronics and printed circuit board design.